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The information below is meant as a guideline, not a gate. If the description resonates with you on any level, please don’t let something we’ve listed (or didn't list!) prevent you from applying.


After all, the worst that happens is we go in a different direction. The best that happens is you end up with a new job that you love! ❤️

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Expected coding experience (educational, professional or self-taught): Three to six months

Expected education experience: High school diploma / GED and above

Compensation: $15 an hour

Additional benefits: Paid mental health and physical health days; paid holidays; monthly paid volunteer hours

Position: Full-time for three months, with possible extension; job placement assistance afterwards

Start date: In June or September, depending on the pandemic

Our internship program is designed to give folks who've dipped their toes into coding a guided opportunity to explore a variety of careers in tech, including programming, project management and quality assurance. This could include pairing with more senior developers on a framework change, testing new features on a beta site, or sitting in on a client meeting and taking notes. 

Over time, you'll start to find an area that interests you and focus your efforts there; throughout, you'll meet weekly with a dedicated mentor, who will support your growth and help guide you through the program.

Just to be clear: We don't care if you've attended any college (or what you studied while there).

"Meet" some of our past interns here.


You'll meet with one or more dedicated mentors on a weekly basis; this time can be used for everything from pairing to talking about process to sharing advice and experience. Additionally, we'll provide you a variety of tutorials and resources to help guide your learning.


We'll be able to provide clarity on start date as the vaccine rollout continues; our office is currently remote, and we aren't able to resume our internship program until we're (safely!) back in-person at our downtown office.

Ideal Candidate

Responsibilities will include:

  • Attending and actively participating in a variety of meetings, both internal and with clients
  • Enthusiastically working on a wide variety of tasks (but NEVER fetching coffee!)
  • Seeking opportunities to learn and contribute

Some other attributes

  • You're open-minded and accepting, and enjoy working with a diverse group of professionals from varied backgrounds.
  • You recognize what you do and don't know, and aren't afraid to ask for help when you get stuck. 
  • You're curious, self-motivated, and eager to learn. 
  • You pay attention to details, and rarely need to be told anything twice. You love learning new things but you don't automatically assume new == better.