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Technical Project Facilitator


The information below is meant as a guideline, not a gate. If the description resonates with you on any level, please don’t let something we’ve listed (or didn't list!) prevent you from applying.


After all, the worst that happens is we go in a different direction. The best that happens is you end up with a new job that you love! ❤️

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Expected experience: One to three years in a tech environment (project management, scrum master, tech lead / project lead)

Salary: $55,000 to $70,000

We are looking for an energetic, outgoing person to help execute software projects - sometimes Fortune 500s, sometimes small local nonprofits, and often folks in-between to create custom designed web and mobile applications. We work in a "lowercase A" agile development process that usually runs two-week iterations. Your day to day is spent working with our devs, clients, and stakeholders to help capture & clarify requirements, break down development tasks, lead recurring meetings, test & demo software, and have fun doing it.  

Our team is focused on outcomes, not hours; we offer flexible schedules, and most of our team members work from home one or two days a week (currently, due to COVID-19, staff are working remotely until it's safe to be back in the office). We're looking for folks living in Madison, WI or willing to relocate. This is a full-time position (40 hours max).

Just to be clear: We don't care what you studied in college (or if you went at all!).

Ideal Candidate

Responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating with developers throughout project iteration to ensure work is being completed each day, any blockers are removed, and deliverables are completed on-time
  • Administering the project-tracking software, ensuring that it is accurate and up-to-date 
  • Organizing multiple projects in an agile environment
  • Gathering and prioritizing client and project requirements, including writing user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Working with developers to reliably and consistently estimate user stories, finalize tasks, and coordinate changes
  • Protecting the team from over-committing and scope creep
  • Translating high-level product information into actionable tasks for the development team
  • Leading meetings (including retros, planning and review)
  • Performing quality assurance and testing
  • Compiling and reporting on delivery metrics
  • Enthusiastically working with clients and colleagues from disparate backgrounds - and with disparate goals - to create comprehensive custom software solutions

Some other attributes

  • You're open-minded and accepting, and enjoy working with a diverse group of professionals from varied backgrounds.
  • You have enough experience to have developed opinions about things like documentation, scope creep, and client communication.
  • You don't feel challenged working with the same client or project day in and day out, and want fresh problems to explore.
  • You pay attention to details, and rarely need to be told anything twice. 
  • You love learning new things but you don't automatically assume new == better.
  • You have strong prioritization skills, and rarely miss the forest because you're too focused on the trees. 
  • You focus on solutions, not problems, and approach problem-solving from a creative, detail-focused position.
  • You're motivated to help create the best software you can.