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Make a sweet mobile menu with CSS

Published March 28, 2016

Want this fancy menu? Try it out in this jsfiddle.


  height: 45px
  left: 0
  position: fixed
  top: 10px
  width: 70px

  &::before, &::after, span
    background-color: purple
    content: ''
    display: block
    height: 5px
    left: 20px
    position: absolute
    transition: none 0.5s ease 0.5s
    transition-property: transform, top, bottom, left, opacity
    width: 30px

    top: 10px

    top: 20px

    top: 30px

    &::before, &::after
      top: 20px

      transform: rotate(45deg)

      left: -50px
      opacity: 0

      transform: rotate(-45deg)


$('.menu').on('click', function(ev) {


<div class="menu">
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