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Finding my version of "developer happiness" through Write/Speak/Code

If you're a woman or gender non-binary person in tech, you should make every effort to attend Write/Speak/Code. Here's why. (Read more)
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Recap: Midwest PHP 2017

I recently attended and spoke at a conference in Minneapolis, giving my talk on basic UX for non-designers. It was my first time at Midwest PHP, and I had a great time (despite not being a PHP developer). These are my big takeaways. (Read more)
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Ten Forward has a busy spring ahead

Ten Forwarders are moving and shaking this spring, from Madison to Phoenix to San Francisco. (Read more)
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How to Make Your Websites Not Ugly

Ten Forward developer Hilary Stohs-Krause recently gave her talk on basic UX for a Madison Women in Tech/Codecinella joint event. Watch it here! (Read more)
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Madrep techmap 2016

Repost: "2016 Recap: The Madison Startup Scene"

Capital Entrepreneurs looks back at the growth and expansion of Madison's startup community in 2016 - everything from employment to funding to office space. (Read more)
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New Crew Member: Charielle McMullan

Our newest intern takes the time to answer crucial questions, such as "Cats or dogs?" (Read more)
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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad(works) world

After idling away the time in a temporary office for the last few months, Ten Forward is back in the newly remodeled, even more awesome space at Madworks Coworking! (Read more)
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CSS responsive trick: "ellipsify" class

Tables aren't known for being particularly responsive, but at times, using them is unavoidable; when that's the case, sometimes all it takes is a little CSS to make a big difference. (Read more)
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Earth's mechanical graveyard: Ten Forward to sponsor talk on "space junk" on Dec. 1st

On Thursday, Dec. 1, Ten Forward will welcome the Madison Women in Tech community group into our "space" ... as they host a presentation from Dr. Lisa Rand on all the broken satellites and spacecraft circling the earth. (Read more)
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What I've learned during my first year as a full-time software developer

It's far too much to include in a single list, but these are a few of my big takeaways. (Read more)
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New Crew Member: Jennifer Gurske

Our newest intern takes the time to answer crucial questions, like "Favorite emoji?" (Read more)
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Madison teens race against time at community coding competition

Ten Forward recently volunteered at an event mixing entrepreneurship and programming for Madison-area teens, helping them create unique websites in just two hours. (Read more)
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How to write a good bug report

Even if you have a technical background, it can be hard to find the words to accurately describe a bug or error. If you're able to provide a thorough account of the issue at the beginning, however, we as developers can in turn provide a much better solution, and much faster.  With that in mind, we've compiled the following tips on how to write a solid bug report, including several examples. (Read more)
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Too much abstraction: When Rails delegation is unnecessary

Rails delegates can make your code cleaner, but be careful to not over do it. (Read more)
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Slack's Meme-Bot: A review, with examples. (Lots of examples.)

Memes for all! (Read more)
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