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Come work with us!

We have a history of hiring great people, and changing the company to make us all more productive with new team members.

We're dedicated to an inclusive, diverse workforce and supportive work environment (including an annually updated code of conduct). No degree? Self-taught? Bootcamp grad? We'd love to have you.

We recognize that numbers aren't everything, but our current staff is 63% women and 38% women of color, and we're continually working to make Madison's tech community more inclusive and equitable. ❤️

  • Market salary
  • Health & dental insurance
  • Paid family leave, including birth, adoption and caregiving
  • Paid mental health and physical health days
  • 401k, company match
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid vacation days
  • Monthly paid volunteer hours
  • Friendly, relaxed work environment with emphasis on work/life balance
  • Community-oriented
  • Remote-friendly workplace
  • Upward mobility (seriously, we're looking for future leaders)
  • Working with awesome, unique individuals

Our culture is built on eight core principles: trust, positivity, teamwork, excellence, diversity, flexibility, education and balance. "Forward" is Wisconsin's motto, and it's the direction we're always trying to move as a company.

Open Positions | Apply | Meet the team

Support engineer Kyla Harper holds up her then-brand-new business card.

Open positions

How to apply

Email careers@tenforward.consulting and include a short cover note, a résumé or CV, and some links to your portfolio / GitHub / Arduino project / band's last performance / cat / dog / anything else you're proud to show off.

We believe the only way to really evaluate a programmer is to look at code, and you will write code during your interview (on a computer, not on a whiteboard).

Maybe you've been programming in a cubicle since you graduated a few years ago and are wondering if there are better ways to spend your time. Or perhaps you never went to college, but you just love writing code so much that you taught yourself how, and you want to keep your career going. 

Get in touch today and you can help us continue to write great software at Ten Forward Consulting!