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Careers @ Ten Forward

Perks of Working with Ten Forward

  • Market salary
  • Health & dental insurance
  • Paid family leave
  • Paid mental health and physical health days
  • 401k, company match
  • Paid holidays
  • Vacation days
  • Friendly, relaxed work environment with emphasis on work/life balance
  • Community-oriented
  • Pro-telecommuting
  • Upward mobility (seriously, we're looking for future leaders)
  • Working with awesome, unique individuals

If you love software (or hate it but want to work with it for the rest of your life anyway), you shouldn't ever hesitate to get in touch, even if there's not a listing that fits on this page. 

That being said, we're currently actively seeking people to help fill the following roles:

Director of Operations

Description / Ideal Candidate*

We're seeking an experienced Director of Operations who can collaborate with team members, clients and the board of directors to maintain day-to-day operations while steering the company towards a clear strategic direction. This individual will also be responsible for developing and enforcing crucial corporate policies. We are located on Madison's west side and provide custom software solutions for clients of all sizes across many industries, both locally and nationwide. 

We're looking for someone who is eager to learn how to run a business. You'll represent the President and VP on a wide variety of internal, client-facing and employee-facing tasks, and be the go-to resource for all major decisions. This challenging and rewarding position has opportunity for equity options and continued growth for the right fit. 

If you're the Director of Operations we're looking for you'll be...

Deliberate, decisive, perceptive, and clear-minded. You have a history of finding what needs to be done and doing it. You are capable of managing yourself and eager to use the tools you are given to create consistent, repeatable processes to better the company. You have exceptional verbal communication skills. You have the unique ability to take multiple competing priorities and delivering on the highest value option. Taking care to celebrate successes and identify opportunities for improvement. 

You will report directly to the President & Vice President, and you’ll be responsible for maintaining the daily operations in-office. 

Examples of Director of Operations responsibilities

  • Improve the business processes for each area (technical, sales, internal, administrative and more) through analysis, collaboration and clear follow-through
  • Collaborate on long-term business planning with President, Vice President & Board of Directors - and see decisions through 
  • Collaborate with President/Vice President to develop financial plans
  • Manage production support team to ensure clients are being responded to, deliverables are met and appropriate billing takes place
  • Plan upcoming projects - taking care to oversee estimation with development team, creating proposals/SoWs and scheduling work as appropriate
  • Send weekly goals to team and check progress intra-week to ensure goals are met
  • Monitor ongoing cash flows and budgets to ensure appropriate thresholds are being met 
  • Maintain happy employees, clients and office environment

Sounds great, what now?

Email careers@tenforward.consulting and include a short cover note, a résumé or CV, salary requirements, and some links to your portfolio/github/arduino project/band's last performace/cat/dog/anything else you're proud to show off. We believe the only way to really evaluate a programmer is to look at code, and you will write code during your interview (on a computer, not on a whiteboard).

Maybe you've been programming in a cubicle since you graduated a few years ago and are wondering if there are better ways to spend your time. Or perhaps you never went to college, but you just love writing code so much that you taught yourself how, and you want to keep your career going. Get in touch today and you can help us continue to write great software at Ten Forward Consulting.