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Are you looking forward to the future? We are. From small businesses to well-established firms, we are partnering with companies spanning a wide range of industries to solve their software needs. From startups to universities, entrepreneurs to Fortune 500s, we create custom web and mobile applications tailored to meet their exact needs. Our next greatest client? It could be you.
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Our Work
We're proud of the work we've done for all our clients. Here's a bit of information about a few of them.

Virtual Badge

Virtual Badge is a platform that utilizes mobile devices to increase security and intelligence for on-site personnel management.

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Meeting Metropolis

We took the conference mobile - the 2012 Meeting Metroplis app made it easy for attendees to find sessions and share their experience on the go.

Pump It Up Party

Pump It Up is where your imagination comes to play, and our app makes brings locations, schedules, and special events right to your fingertips.


A new dashboard, that you can take with you on the go. We worked with Threadflip to create a mobile responsive one-stop site for sellers to do everything they need.

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Patient-Centered Solutions for the Whole Care Continuum. We helped Wellbe get to the next level with agile process consulting and expert Ruby on Rails development.

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EBC Flex

Employee Benefits Corporation brought us in to oversee their mobile application used by their customers to submit claims on their Flex Spending plans


Turn a connection into a career. We built 1stGig's platform from the ground up to connect recent college grads with their first professional careers.

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Changing the way festival events are organized, planned, and experienced with a full stack mobile and web platform.

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Minute Menu Systems

We worked with MinuteMenu to improve and maintain 3 PhoneGap/Sencha Touch based mobile applications.


By partnering with Ten Forward, Crantastic’s RStudio knows its' software, interface, and user experience are always up-to-date for the R development language community.

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Mobile Doorman

We built two native mobile applications and a robust backend with deep integrations to back-office systems for Mobile Doorman. Their innovative platform allows manager of luxury apartment buildings to better communicate with their residents.

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Burger King

BK had it their way when they engaged Ten Forward to help them meet a critical deadline for a new online ordering platform.

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What can't we do for you? Ten Forward is a full service technology firm. We can help your existing team hit a critical goal or fix a process that isn't working. Need an app to expand your business to mobile users? That's our specialty. Don't have a team? No problem. Our team of outstanding engineers and creative designers can bring your idea to life. Even if you just need someone to make sure everything keeps running while you figure out which way to go, Ten Forward can be your guide to the next level.

You may have worked with other developers in the past, or this may be your first software project. Ten Forward Consulting practices agile development and primarily runs projects in 1-2 week sprints. We work with your team to identify a backlog of issues (user stories), bugs, and improvements - that need to be implemented and monitor our progress against that backlog during our sprints. This helps create an easy, reliable method of estimating development speed and expectations for future sprints. The 2-week cycle also has an advantage of keeping expectations in line and providing feedback to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

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"Ten Forward was fantastic to work with and I fully recommend them. The work product was great and they are always reliable with response time, deadlines, etc. Additionally, I thought they did a very good job of understanding the entire scope of the project making sure that we were as efficient as possible."
Bob Matteson / Mobile Doorman
"Ten Forward has been an excellent partner in the development of our mobile app. Brian and team took on a project that had stalled when a key employee fell sick and helped us get the product into market and enhanced over the past 7 months. Their knowledge of the technology is outstanding, and their responsiveness in working with us has been top-notch."
Jeff Sullivan / Minute Menu Systems
"Our experience with Brian has been nothing short of exceptional. We brought him in under an extremely tight deadline and he excelled in every task that came his way. He is an excellent communicator, which as a project manager, is truly invaluable. Two words... GREAT WORK!!"
Brett Danick / Viva Creative
"We hired Brian to parachute in to our development team after winning the bid on a mobile (web) and browser ecommerce application for a high profile customer... he greatly exceeded my expectations. We deployed to production on schedule and impressed the customer with our beautiful solution! We REALLY lucked out finding Brian. We would not have hit our date without him."
Anthony Kua / Tillster
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