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Custom software isn’t a “nice to have” anymore; increasingly, it’s a standard element of successful companies.

Your business should be leading the way, not falling behind.

Make your company more.

To flourish, your business needs the right tools.

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Empower your ideas.

Your ideas are only as valuable as their platform. Make it easy for the world to discover all you have to share.

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You want your software to be creative, functional, and engaging for your users: we're here to help.

Thanks to our diverse team members, you can feel confident knowing you’ll have software that both meets your existing requirements and anticipates your future needs.

Ten Forward has been an excellent partner in the development of our mobile app. Their knowledge of technology is outstanding, and their responsiveness in working with us has been top-notch.

Jeff Sullivan / Minute Menu Systems

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Big or small, we’ve got you covered.

We have a proven track record working across the entrepreneurial and enterprise spectrum.

Our clients range from startups and small businesses to divisions of Fortune 500 companies, and they’ve been located both in Madison, WI, and all across the country.

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Who is Ten Forward?

We solve business challenges with impactful software, while making our local communities more inclusive and economically secure.

Our company was founded on the desire to bring together a diverse team of technology-focused people who provide distinct skill sets, strengths, backgrounds, personalities, and vision. We love working on unique projects and developing solutions that create a better experience for our clients, their businesses, and the world.

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Leadership team

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Katrina Tofflemire
Vice President

Brett Samson
VP Engineering

Fred Turkington
Director Of Operations

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