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2022 Ten Forward's Year in Review

Published February 2, 2023

2022 was our busiest year yet here at Ten Forward! We are so grateful to finally be able to safely work together in our office as well as host and attend many in-person and virtual events. We are so excited to see what 2023 brings!

Read on for some of Ten Forward's highlights from 2022. 

Crew News 

This year we welcomed five awesome new crew members! You can learn more about them in their blog posts. 

We also restarted our internship program this summer and got to work with Pragya and Kayla from YMCA's YWeb program! 

How we've shared


In 2022 Ten Forward sponsored 48 workday hours (7 more hours than last year!) for our team to volunteer in the Madison community, both in-person and virtually. Here are some of the organizations we worked with: 


Here at Ten Forward, we believe that knowledge and experiences should be shared. This year we spoke at a variety of conferences and guested on podcasts. Check them out:

That Conference - Texas

"Git commands for every occasion!"

DevFest Wisconsin

"Using Our Powers for Good: Tech and Social Impact"

Longhorn PHP

"Why we worry about all the wrong things"

"How to Make Your Website Not Ugly: Basic UX for Programmers"

RubyConf Mini

"How We Implemented Salary Transparency (And Why It Matters)"


We've also shared on our blog. Here are some of our most popular blog posts from the last year:

  1. Rails & Regex: How to validate for length of a number with or without a hyphen
  2. Subclassing UIHostingController to Bridge the SwiftUI 1 to SwiftUI 2 Divide
  3. So you want to embed a prototype into your website
  4. Integrating an array column with Simple Form in Rails
  5. How to make a text field's width increase and decrease dynamically based on user input

And some of our favorite posts:

  1. How to add a delayed hover effect with JavaScript
  2. The Virtues of Virtual Conference Attendance
  3. How to make a non-video iframe responsive, using JavaScript
  4. Widen is leading the Digital Asset Management world
  5. Ten Forward Devs Featured on HackerNoon

Software and Projects 

New Client Spotlight

This summer we revamped the Dane County Bar Association website. Dane County Bar Association, DCBA for short, is a professional organization for lawyers in Dane County.

Our crew moved the DBCA website over to The Bridge, Ten Forward's custom website platform, and made it more functional for users. Check it out here!

Fun Statistics

Pull requests merged: 755

Push notifications processed by our software product Cloudfive73,943,520 (Thats almost half of our all-time push count 😮) 

Crew Slack messges: 973,240 sent! 

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