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Mobile Doorman Lands $2M Series A Funding

Published August 3, 2018

Madison, WI - Resident management mobile app, Mobile Doorman, received a $2 million Series A funding from Reimagined Ventures, an investment arm of the Alec Litowitz family office. The Chicago-based company, managed by CEO Bob Matteson, has grown to 50 markets in 28 states since its 2014 inception.  Madison's own Ten Forward Consulting  built the mobile solution from scratch and continues to maintain its sustained growth. 

"It's a huge milestone for us," stated Brian Samson, CTO of Mobile Doorman and President of Ten Forward Consulting. "It's a vote of confidence for a product that I've been confident for years will become commonplace for those living in apartment buildings. I can't wait to see where the journey takes us next in 2018 and 2019, but I'm certain that this partnership with Alec, Bob, and team will be fun, challenging, and definitely a game changer for us."

The mobile app contains an assortment of features that allow residents to do everything from booking common spaces, hosting community events, engaging in community discussions, tracking packages, inviting guests, parking and more. 

For more information on the Mobile Doorman app, and how it has become a differentiator in the marketplace for residents and landlords alike, please visit:  Mobile Doorman

For more on the Series A Funding, please visit: PR Web Blog: Mobile Doorman Closes $2M Series A Funding

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