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New Crew Member: Abby Kuehni

Published February 25, 2022

Meet our new admin assistant, Abby Kuehni!

A Madison native, Abby joins us from the Madison Metropolitan School District, where she wrangled scheduling for hundreds of substitute teachers. 

In her new job at Ten Forward, she's instead wrangling three scatter-brained programmer-business owners. She's only been with the company a few months, but we don't know where'd we be without her enthusiasm, energy and creativity.

From painting upcycled furniture to revitalizing our social media to stocking an epic hot chocolate buffet, Abby is quickly becoming a go-to resource for the rest of the crew, and we're delighted to have her on the team!

Welcome to the team! What brought you to Ten Forward?

“I found Ten Forward on LinkedIn and I was excited that our values aligned. The emphasis on community and the inclusive culture is really what drew me to apply.”

What are you looking forward to learning or doing in your new role?

“I’m excited to learn more about the tech world as well as the business side of things! I’m coming from education and my first few weeks were definitely a culture shift, I’ve been learning so much!”

Your last position was at Madison public schools. What are some of the biggest differences between working in public education and working at a tech company?

"Everything! Working in a school of 3,000+ staff and students, I was constantly being pulled in a million directions. I was so used to multitasking and going, going, going. I’m really enjoying being able to dedicate time to the projects I’ve been working on and be able to give 100%."

You have an adorable toy poodle named Winston, whom you’ve brought to the office. Mind sharing a picture of him?

"Of course! I’m always happy to share Winston pics!"

You’ve lived in the Madison area most of your life. What are some hidden or overlooked gems, in your opinion?

"This is a hard question! There are a lot of really cool places in Madison but lately I’ve been taking time to explore the smaller towns like Paoli, Mount Horeb, and New Glarus.”

Fill in the blanks: "If I could only __ one __ for the rest of my life, it would be __."

"If I could only use one social media platform for the rest of my life, it would be Instagram."

Favorite board game or video game, TV show or movie, band or musician, emoji.

Board / video game: My favorite board game has to be Clue. I’m very competitive when it comes to Clue. 

TV Show: My favorite TV show right now is probably RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Band or musician: SZA or Shania Twain, it all depends on the mood. 

Emoji: 🤠

"Star Trek" or "Star Wars"?

“Confession, I haven’t seen either 🥴. If I had to choose I would pick Star Wars, just because I know more about the plot." 

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