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On Re-entering Tech

Published January 6, 2020

One year ago today,  with support from my company, I decided to drop down to a part-time work schedule to better support the team - and myself. Through numerous trials and challenges, life has now adjusted itself, and I have decided to re-enter the tech force as a mostly full-time employee.  As I prepare to start back on this journey, I have crafted a list of three reminders for those may be taking a step back from work in tech and/or making a transition back into the tech workforce.

1.    Change is Good

For me, change meant that I could take additional time to better manage my life. Oftentimes we become afraid of sudden changes in our lives as professionals (and people), but it’s good to be reminded that change - no matter what shape or form - promotes progression. 

2.    It’s ok to start over 

We all desire to do a good job and succeed professionally , but this can be tricky when re-entering the workforce, and it’s normal to question if we’ve made the right decision. At this point, it’s helpful to reflect with yourself,  and remind yourself that you will be successful, even though you feel like you’re starting with a blank slate. 

3.  Self-care is the best care

We all have many commitments to many entities that keep us busy - family, work, relationships, household tasks and more. Although it is great being of service and investing time into our obligations, we also must take a step back and take care of ourselves. Don’t feel guilty for taking time to maintain yourself and organize your life. Know that you are valuable, and that it is always OK to take time to care for yourself.

We are  all at different stages in our lives, and should never be afraid to take steps to better ourselves. 

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Charielle McMullan

Junior developer