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Ten Forward talks open source and early-career developers on CodeNewbie podcast

Published August 24, 2020

Portrait of Janessa Tran, a Vietnamese-American woman. Next to her picture, "CodeNewbie" is written in white on a green background.

Ten Forward junior developer Janessa Tran was a guest recently on the CodeNewbie Podcast, which features stories from people on their coding journey. CodeNewbie aims to be "the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code". 

Listen to the episode featuring Janessa here!

"In this episode, we talk about getting into open source, with Janessa Tran, junior software engineer at Ten Forward Consulting. Janessa talks about being one of a triplet of coders, how contributing to open source early on helped her to level up her dev skills, and what you should look for as a beginner when choosing what open source projects to work on."

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