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"The Office" comes to Ten Forward for April Fool's Day

Published April 1, 2019

A running joke at Ten Forward is that we're terrible at pranks. 

We come up with great ideas, but are either too lazy to execute them or can't contain our glee and just tell the person instead of actually doing it.


Today, that all ended.

Ten Forward support specialist Kate Powers and software developer Hilary Stohs-Krause snuck into the office Sunday morning and devised a multitude of pranks, primarily based on Jim's shenanigans from the TV show "The Office." 


The merry pranksters yesterday after setting up all the pranks: mischief managed! The Process

The board is screwed into the wall, so Kate had to contort herself to get everything written upside-down.

Hilary hiding a phone in the office ceiling of Mobile Doorman friends; she pinged it 76 times throughout the next morning.

The Pranks

Brett's favorite work dice, encased in lime jello.

The Tri-Desk!

Hilary and Kate remade everyone's office door label (and the shared conference room), according to various "The Office" jokes.

After erecting a pencil fence between two colleagues' desks, Kate and Hilary "orchid-napped" their shared live orchid, Billie, leaving a ransom note in his place.

In lieu of a vending machine, the two instead put all of a colleague's personal items into the bottom drawer of the fridge.

They also replaced all the whiteboard markers with ink pens.

As Shaun is more than 6 feet tall, they knew he'd have no trouble retrieving his workspace components.

Several colleagues and Mobile Doorman officemates received "faxes" from their future selves.

Two offices were attacked by wild newspaper.

Caution! Vegetable Kitten Fiends ahead!

Final prank: Hilary dressed as Kate, and Kate dressed as Hilary. For most of the day, they refused to answer to any name but each other's.

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