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Thinking of You, Julie

Published September 19, 2018

A few weeks back, we shared that our beloved office manager, Julie, had passed away. We've received many heartfelt comments on the post from members of her family and the community since then, and wanted to share those kind words with the world. 

 Hi Ten Forward Crew, I wanted to thank you for not only being such stellar colleagues and friends to my aunt Julie Wickland, but also for the spot-on blog post you wrote honoring her. I could hear her voice throughout, and I am so grateful you all appreciated her quick wit, matter-of-fact tone about all things (she knew so many), and most of all - her caring personality. It really means the world to my family that you all admired her so much and have honored her in this way. What an awesome blog post - she would just love it. Thanks again.

Emily Tucker, one of Julie's many nieces

Your blog post on our sister Julie was brought to our attention by our older sister Margaret. What a great way to start my week. I am laughing and crying but mostly laughing at all the memories. The photos are great too. In the commotion (chaos really) of family gatherings and phone conversations and texts, day to day stories about our working lives sometimes got lost in the mix. It was so wonderful to see this slice of Julie's life. She was always our go to person for editing, planning strategies for one thing or another, trip advice and any question about anything at all.  She knew it all. Thank you again. I am so glad my sister found Margaret found this blog post

Ellen Corner, Julie's sister

In addition to family members, members of the Madison community took the time to commemorate Julie's life via Twitter. 

We miss you, Julie. You are always in our hearts and minds.

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