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Three ways Zeplin streamlines the design workflow

Published October 5, 2017

Collaboration between designers and developers is essential for any software project to succeed. The difference between the way a website looks, and code beneath it, is like night and day.

As a designer, my job is not just making user-friendly, attractive mockups look good; I need to find a way to translate my designs into a language developers can understand. Thanks to the collaboration application Zeplin, I’ve been able to better bridge the gap between design and development. 

Here are three ways Zeplin streamlines the design workflow.

1. It’s a digital translator. 

My favorite thing about Zeplin is that it generates style guides and resources automatically. All I need to do is upload my files and it can recognize individual assets like buttons, icons and images, and put them into code the developer will understand. Speaking of uploading files….

2. Uploading files is a breeze. 

There are a handful of different programs designers use for creating and storing mockups. Luckily, Zeplin plays well with others. Whether you’re #TeamSketch or #TeamPhotoshop, Zeplin integrates with both platforms. The best part, though ...

3. It’s free! 

You can start working on your first project for free. There’s pricing beyond that for multiple projects, but if you want to give it a test run, you can do it right now.

I’ve been working with Zeplin for a few months now, and it definitely saves time when it comes to creating style guides. The one drawback I’ve experienced so far is that it’s difficult to convey actions. However, if you weigh that against its efficiency in other parts of the design process, it’s definitely worth your time.

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Jared Christman

(Former Visual Designer)