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Accounting for Daylight Saving Time with Rails ActiveSupport::TimeZone

Published September 17, 2015

It's one line of code, and you're certain it's correct.

But then you run it.


A team member had that issue earlier this month.  They were trying to write logic to return the hour of the day, but it was always off by one.


irb(main)> ActiveSupport::TimeZone[building.time_zone].utc_offset / 60 / 60=> -6

When they ran this, however, the time was five hours off UTC, not six.

They couldn't figure out what was wrong. After "bashing their hands against the keyboard," a colleague realized the issue: daylight-saving time (DST).


irb(main)> ActiveSupport::TimeZone[building.time_zone].now.utc_offset / 60 / 60=> -5

"If you don't use .now, the ActiveSupport::TimeZone has no concept of what today is or what time it is," They explained. "So without .now, it just returns the standard, non-DST offset."


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