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Ten Forward welcomes new crew members

Published October 15, 2015

Three years ago, our fearless leader Brian started Ten Forward Consulting after "trek"-ing from Arizona's scorching deserts to Wisconsin's beautiful, mild winters. 

Since then, the crew's ranks have swelled to seven. Brian's brother Brett, a fellow developer (and T-shirt connosieur), was the first to join, followed by project manager (and unwilling HVAC-expert) Kyle, designer and snack-czar Sophia and developer Zach (vim, vim and more vim). Over the summer, Ten Forward brought on board two additional crew members; they might still be new, but soon enough, they will be assimilated.


Learn more about the new Ten Forwarders below. Welcome to the team!


Mark(us) Norman

Senior developer/Vice-president


Mark has been a part of the Ten Forward family for a while, in spirit if not on paper. An experienced programmer with a background in multiple programming languages, Mark is Ten Forward's go-to dev for anything iOS, and is helping build the .NET branch of the company.

As a skilled front-end and back-end developer, Mark enjoys doing a standard cut-and-code for a client's front-facing website as much as digging into Objective-C for a new mobile application. 

His leadership style complements Brian's, and his willingness to pair on tough problems and patiently explain his process has made him a valued fixture at Ten Forward ... as has his penchant for buying unnecessary gadgets. We have him to thank for office doofus Alexa, his Amazon Echo, who tells us bad jokes and adds absurd things like "500 bananas" to his shopping list.

Mark splits his time among playing music in multiple bands all over Wisconsin, pining for a cat (or two, or three, or four) and snark.

His Minecraft house is cooler than yours.


Hilary Stohs-Krause

Junior developer


Hilary's career as a web developer began at age 11, when she and her twin sister built a fan tribute site to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was 1997, so yes - it had both a counter AND a guestbook.

She received her bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from the University of Nebraska and worked as a professional journalist for several years. During a stint as a radio reporter at an NPR station, she found herself drawn to web work once again, so she quit her job to attend a development bootcamp (Omaha Code School). 

She joined Ten Forward shortly after graduating in April and has been furiously trying to absorb all the knowledge ever since. Her full-stack position allows her to exercise her creativity and put her journalism skills to use in front-end work while also exploring the more logical and problem-solving aspects of back-end development. Hilary says she loves how flexible the Ten Forward crew is, and how helpful and passionate her colleagues are (whether they're teaching her how to build integration tests or how to not die during a blood moon in Minecraft). 

In her spare time, Hilary likes to rock climb, drink craft beer, read/watch sci-fi/fantasy, play board games and pun.

She's currently working on a new BtVS website.

(Just kidding.)

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