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Janie wrote a book!

Published January 23, 2018

Last Tuesday, Ten Forward held a book release party to celebrate the accomplishment of our iOS and graphics developer, Janie Clayton, in writing her book The Metal Programming Guide: Tutorial and Reference via Swift. 

The Metal framework supports GPU accelerated graphics rendering and machine learning on Apple devices.

My focus in writing the book was to provide more conceptual information about how Metal can be used rather than just cataloging the API. I am hoping that this book helps open Metal up to other iOS developers."

Janie Clayton

The evening included a Q&A, led by fellow Ten Forwarder Hilary Stohs-Krause, where we learned more about Janie's experience. Janie found out about the opportunity to write about Metal Programming, which was something she enjoyed, and took a year off to write the book. 

Guests heard about Janie’s book-writing process and her background in iOS graphics, and received some great advice for writing a technical book. 

Some of Janie's tips include:

  • Write an outline for the book before you start
  • Set a realistic due date for each milestone (Janie gave herself two weeks to write a chapter)
  • Find a mentor/expert on your topic for general direction and questions
  • Discover what motivation you need to fuel your fire (Janie's dedication, shown below, says it all!)

We are very proud of her accomplishment and encourage you to take a look the Metal programming guide, Janie's previous titles, and her new game development blog.

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Victoria Guerrero

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