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Slack's Meme-Bot: A review, with examples. (Lots of examples.)

Published July 25, 2016

We use web-based messaging app Slack constantly to communicate at Ten Forward. Until recently, most of the integrations or bots we used were custom-made, and meant for utility, not entertainment (such as an auto-post if someone made a pull request on Github). That all changed one fateful afternoon when Brian installed MemeBot.

Our Slack life would never be the same again.


The next half hour was more or less just a slew of memes in our slack channel about using memes in our slack channel. To protect the not-so-innocent, we've removed the names of the posters and the timestamps of the posts; as this dismissive message from Mark shows, however, the onslaught was fast and furious:




It took some of us a while to figure out the proper format to use for Memebot:



 It took some of us even longer to figure out how memes themselves are supposed to work.



But before long, we were off and running. Here are some of the best:



Conclusion from everyone but Mark: MemeBot is basically the best thing ever.


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Hilary Stohs-Krause

Co-Owner and Senior Software Developer