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Stimmi recognized for efforts to help caregivers

Published December 6, 2017

Stimmi, software built by Ten Forward and designed to support children and adults with autism and other disabilities, was recently featured on Madison's News 3

The segment talks about the impetus for Stimmi: co-founder Deb Thompson's 25-year-old autistic son, Evan, and her desire for one place all the information about his care could be organized and accessed. 

Everything about him: his behaviors, his triggers, how to de-escalate a behavior, how to understand what he's saying. I wanted everything right there on your phone because you have it 24/7. 

Deb Thompson, co-founder of Stimmi

Thompson realized other parents and caregivers were facing the same problem, so she teamed up with fellow central Wisconsinite Laura Berkner to create Stimmi.

Check out the article and video segment here, and sign up for a free trial of Stimmi today!

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